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Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
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Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
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10 Most Affordable Mens Shorts Online | Cheapest places to buy Shorts!

by Tim Blue 09 Sep 2022

Shorts are a life saviour. In a world where the buttoned up look is "professional", wearing shorts is a sin. But, if you take everything away and focus on comfort, shorts are the best piece of clothing a man can buy.

If you are looking for cheap men's shorts online, you are in the right place. We cover a variety of shorts made from various materials and perfect for various occasions. Here is the list.

Cheap Shorts for Men with Quality

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#1 Gym Shorts for Men

One of the most popular shorts for men is gym shorts. Gym shorts need to have certain features and advantages over normal shorts.

  • First of all, it should be easily washable. Some gym shorts are difficult to wash because of the material.
  • Gym shorts should also dry quickly. You will need to use them repeatedly
  • Gym shorts need to be stretchable and tear proof
  • Gym shorts should be smell proof
  • Gym shorts need to be really tough, for it to last a long time

Keeping all this in mind, here are a bunch of gym shorts suggestions that are lesser than $10.

gym shorts for men

Shop now for just $8

#2 Denim Shorts for Men

Denim Shorts are one of the most stylish and sexy looking shorts that a man can wear. Denim shorts go really with t-shirts and it gives a rugged appearance. One of the best part about denim shorts are it's toughness. Just like denim jeans, they don't tear easily and are super strong.

For people who are going for the tight look, denim shorts will aid you well. There are different type of denim shorts you can get that includes blue denims and black denims.

Denim shorts go well with white t-shirts, black t-shirts. They pair well with white shoes as well.

denim shorts for men

#3 Chino Shorts for Men

One of the most popular styles of shorts are Chino's. Chino's come in various colours and are a kind of style that is both posh and casual at the same time. Chino's paired with a nice shirt, will look smart and are perfect for Sunday brunches.

Chino shorts come in various colours and styles that make it a fun outfit to wear. Chino shorts pairs well with shirts, t-shirts and they look good with loafers as well.

Chinos also has a distinct advantage of coming in various colours such as red, blue, black, pink and also comes with various patterns.

cheap mens shorts online

Shop now for just $10.54

#4 Ripped jean shorts for men

One of the most in-trend shorts styles for men is the ripped jeans shorts look. Ripped jeans have been around for a long time, but shorts with the ripped jeans look is a new-ish trend. If you are young and urban, this is the look you need to go for.

cheap ripped jeans shorts

#5 Khaki shorts for men

Khakis have been a very popular colour. It's very popular because it's one of those colours that matches well with black and white. Contrary to popular belief, Khaki isn't just a single colour, it has a range of tones. And you need to be careful not to buy something too dark, otherwise it will look brown-ish. If you are looking for awesome Khaki shorts, check these links out!

mens khaki shorts

#6 Long shorts for men (Below the knee) aka Capri shorts

Believe it or not, some men can be shy with bodies. I am pretty shy and I cannot wear shorts that come above my knee cap. And this is why capri shorts were invented. Capri shorts, for those of you who aren't aware are long shorts that come well below your knee cap. They are comfortable and at the same time cover your legs. Capri shorts also have an added advantage of having pockets that are pretty useful.

Long shorts come in various types, colours and materials. Denim capris, cotton capris are very common and popular!

mens long shorts below the knee
chinos online sale

Shop now for just $6.98

#7 Cargo Shorts for Men

The shorts for badasses. I personally love cargo shorts because they are versatile and rugged. Here are some advantages of cargo shorts.

  • They have four pockets - More often than not, cargo shorts have four pockets and that is why they are called cargo shorts. The shorts at the bottom can be buttoned up, which acts as the perfect storage place while travelling. It's not easy to steal from pockets that are right in front of your eyes and that are buttoned up.
  • Cargo shorts are tough - Cargo shorts are not prone to tearing, in fact, they can be worn repeatedly without any wear and tear.
  • Cargo shorts don't have to be washed after every use - The best part about cargo shorts is its use. You can use it for days on end without it getting too dirty (Especially the dark ones) or smelly.
  • They are multi-purpose - Going out for camping? Cargo shorts are perfect. Going to a friend's for a barbeque? Cargo shorts come to the rescue again. They also look good when worn with shirts as well.
cargo shorts for men cheap

Shop now for just $9.74

#8 Running shorts for men

Running shorts are different from gym shorts as they perform a different role. Running shorts tend to be shorter than gym shorts and a bit more loosely held along the thigh region. They are generally very light and are incredibly easy to wash. Good quality running shorts last for years on end as the wear and tear is less and there isn't much friction except movement. For professional athletes, or even an amateur marathoner, getting a pair of running shorts will make your running experience much better.

Shop now for just $5.91

#9 Cotton shorts for men

One of the most underrated set of shorts are cotton shorts. Generally when men buy shorts, they don't consider cotton shorts as its just a material. But the material makes a huge difference. Cotton shorts sit very lightly as the fabric itself is not heavy. They are what you call breathable shorts. Their comfort is unmatched.

Cotton shorts also offer better flexibility as they can be stretched easily. They come in various colours and shapes. Cotton shorts are also perfect for the gym as they sit lightly and also offer much-needed flexibility.

cotton shorts cheap

To summarize, there are various types of shorts that perform different functions and looking at this list, you can get shorts for a very reasonable price. Here are a few common questions in relation to shorts.

What kind of shorts should guys wear?

Shorts are seen as informal wear and you really need to wear the right ones in the right occasion. If you are going for an event and want to appear formal, then chino's with nice loafers are suggested. If you are travelling, your best option is cargo shorts. If it's the summer and it's very hot, cotton shorts are the best as they are made from breathable material and are very comfortable. If you are in the gym, then you need to wear sports shorts that absorbs sweat and aid flexibility.

What is a good length for men's shorts?

This is truly dependent on the person. Some people prefer short shorts, while others like the long shorts. But if you want to err in the better side of caution, long shorts are perfect.

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