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Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
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Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
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Best Givenchy Dupe Bags | The Finest Givenchy Replicas!

by Jenny Xiao 06 Nov 2022

Givenchy was founded in 1952 in Paris and grew exponentially enough to be acquired under the wing of luxury conglomerate LVMH in the ‘80s. They bring out new collections every season, with each design more impressive than the previous one.  Many of us, however, are limited to browsing these collections at storefronts or on their websites, often without checking their out-of-reach prices. 

Fortunately, for those of us who cannot afford authentic Givenchy or other luxury brands, design isn’t the only thing that is evolving with the industry. Luxury brands have recently been made more accessible through online stores, renting options, sale of used luxury goods and purchasing as an investment. These methods make it easier for manufacturers to get their hands on luxury products without buying them off the shelf, allowing them to replicate the designs to produce items at a much cheaper cost. 

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Fake vs Real Givenchy Bag

Brands like Givenchy get copied a lot and there are hundreds of fake Givenchy bags and handbags floating around, so it’s only fitting that I share with you some tips on how to distinguish between a fake bag and the real one.

For example, one of the most replicated handbags from the Givenchy lineup is the Antigona bag which costs hardly $35-$90 on sites like DHgate and AliExpress. The real bag however will cost over $2,500 on the open market, so anything below the MSRP will be considered a fake or replica of the original.

Now, since Givenchy is a big time brand, the finish on their bag will be classy and unique. An original Givenchy Antigona will have a curved stitch line down the side of the bag. 

fake vs real givenchy bag

This stitching style is not prominent, but while examining a fake and real bag side by side, it’s easier to spot the differences.

Small details such as the stitching that’s on the side of a real bag stretches up in a curved manner with a narrow base that widens at the top. Whereas, the stitch lines on the side of a fake antigona will be perfectly straight.

Again, at the sides of the bag, notice the buckle that holds the strap in place. A fake buckle will be made from a thin material and will not be as bulky or chunky as the original. 

real vs fake givenchy differences

Also, the design and shape of the buckle on the fake bag will not resemble the design and shape of the original.

The next method is to examine the flaps on the inside of the bag. A real Givenchy will have the word Givenchy pressed into the leather and it will have sharp accentuating lines along the edges. 

fake vs real givenchy

A fake bag on the other hand will have the word Givenchy, but it will have rounded corners and the embossed print will not be as visible.

You can also try the font test and check the buckles and straps if the word Givenhy is engraved with the right font and if the letters are thin and dark. 

Fake Givenchy bags, mainly the Antigona will have widely spaced letters and the font will be different as well as the engraving won’t be deep enough to give off a shadow like the original.

real vs fake givenchy bag images

Counterfeit manufacturers can try as much as they want to but they’ll never get the labels right which is why it’s a good idea to check the label on the bag and see whether the stitching is correct and if the words Givenchy are symmetrical and evenly distanced.

Finally, at the rate that manufacturers are going to produce high quality fakes, the one test they will always fail is the serial number test and this is because the original Givenchy bag will have a serial number that the company is familiar with and will be able to pull up information about the bag. 

real givenchy vs fake difference

Fake Givenchy bags on the other hand will tend to have a serial number, but because the bag is fake, you will not be able to authenticate the bag using the number as it will be invalid. 

Some handbags as in the case above might carry a similar serial number which can pull up information about the bags make and model, but if you closely observe the font of the number and the spacing you’ll notice that a real bag has the letters and numbers spaced apart while the alphanumeric code will be clumped together on a fake bag.

Best Givenchy Bag Dupes

Antigona Bag Dupe

With a presence in both Europe and Hong Kong, follows fashion trends and celebrity styles closely to bring out replicas of designer handbags at an affordable price. They accept popular payment methods and also ship worldwide. Branded as ‘Christi’, brings out Givenchy replicas every season. 

Check it out here

Small Moon Bag Dupe

Based out of China, they list handbag replicas of Givenchy and other luxury brands as well, while maintaining high-quality standards. With multiple payment and shipping options available, you can rest assured that you will receive your order with no trouble. 

Check it out here

Medium Moon Givenchy Bag Dupe

This site sells high-quality knock-offs of Givenchy collections like Antigona, Nobile, Infinity, etc. Although they have limited payment options, they offer free shipping to USA, Canada and Australia and charge 40-55 USD to ship to other parts of the world. 

Check it out here

Lock in Bag Box

The Givenchy knock-offs available on this site maintain a high standard in terms of quality. Keeping up with the other dupe bags manufacturers, they maintain stock of the latest collection, ready to be shipped out to you. They accept Visa, Mastercard and Western Union as payment options. 

Check it out here

Antigona Bag Dupes

They have the largest collection of Givenchy handbag replicas – produced, stocked and shipped and out of China. Each listing has high-resolution images that show the attention to detail the manufacturers pay while producing the items. 

Check it out here

Quality of Givenchy replicas

You may wonder how a luxury bag’s replica, costing only a tenth of its influence source, can be of good quality but bag makers exercise great care while bringing a product to the market. While the aesthetics are copied from a brand, the materials used are altered to provide cheaper goods. However, the majority of the replica market uses premium leathers such as calfskin to manufacture these handbags.  Most designer bags use leather as their principal material for the body, and it is sourced from tanneries that follow the latest innovations in manufacturing. The majority of these leathers are acquired from within South Asia, helping them cut shipping costs drastically. 

The zippers, buckles, chains, badges, and other metallic attachments that go on the bags are also long-lasting and are not prone to high wear and tear. Sourcing these in bulk quantities help them bring down costs. While original designer bags may use a badge made entirely of gold, a replica will only use a badge that is electroplated in gold – and it would take a practised eye to make out the difference between the two. The same goes for zippers as well: a designer may not source it in bulk while replica makers have the luxury to do so. 

The dupe bags market doesn’t need designers and hence save a large amount of money as they do not need the visionaries who imagine and bring to life new designs every season. What they do need and have, are highly skilled technicians who identify each material used by luxury brands and the manufacturing processes followed, to replicate it as identically as possible. For instance, the type of stitch that is used along the side of a designer bag has to be exactly the same in its replica. A great amount of effort and knowledge goes into the making of these knockoffs.

The increasing popularity of Givenchy replicas

For a luxury brand to be taken over by the likes of LVMH, they have to be at the top of their game and wreaking havoc in the fashion industry – which Givenchy did for 30 years, from the 1950s to the 1980s, before the acquisition. The brand has been around for 70 years and has had some popular names attached to it – including the likes of Beyoncé, Audrey Hepburn and Madonna. They even designed the wedding looks of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. 

Most design enthusiasts are quite happy with the rise in the replica market for Givenchy bags as they bring a lot to the table in terms of designs, trends and looks at affordable prices. There is a considerable demand for these products from all around the world, and the supply is not limited to specific regions either. Online marketplaces have had a big role to play in turning the replica market around from a source of untrustworthy suppliers to a whole new market for fashion goods. 

Authentic Givenchy bags – What’s behind their high price tags

Luxury brands such as Givenchy have the best design teams in the world, who work endlessly to create styles. Each season, whether by being inspired or just out of thin air, they come up with designs that have the potential to become fashion trends all around the world. Running such design teams costs a lot of money to the brands, which they have to recover by bringing out successful products. The stakes are high, and so is the money involved. 

Many of these products are made from materials that are available only at a very high cost, such as alligator or ostrich skin, and gold or platinum attachments. But those aren’t the only big cost centres. Badges that need an inscription or engraving are done by hand, by expertly-skilled individuals who don’t come cheap.

Moreover – and this may come as a shock to those of you who care about the environment – luxury brands are quite wasteful and over-indulgent. For example, if a brand requires 10,000 pieces of leather to manufacture a collection, they place an order for 15,000 pieces as they handpick the best 10,000 out of the entire lot and instruct the leather suppliers to discard the rest. Paying for the extra material also shoots up the cost.

Dupes vs Authentic bags 

Unless your pocket is deep, you will probably not consider going for an original Givenchy. So, the real question arises on choosing between designer brand replicas and other cheaper brands. While the quality of replicas is at par with other affordable brands, the design is the biggest reason for you to tilt towards the knockoff. Making a style statement with designs never seen before, at just a fraction of the price of an authentic Givenchy, is a clincher for most.  

Lately, products of many of the luxury fashion brands including Givenchy are being purchased as an investment rather than for its intended use. Almost all designs have a limited supply, hence many people buy them and hold them until they go out of supply, and then resell at a higher price or go for auction. In such an evolving world, it is a more sensible option to go for a replica instead of procuring an asset, when you only need a fashion accessory like a handbag. 

The legality of dupe bags

The companies that produce dupes go to great lengths to ensure that they do not face legal action. Givenchy-Bags, Giv*nchy, GivenchyAntigona are some examples of how the replicators alter the brand name to avoid facing copyright issues. They also make minute alterations to the make and design of the bags, and it would require a specialist to identify the difference between the two. While the online listings may indicate in a non-infringing manner that they are Givenchy replicas, the branding on the bag itself is different and usually hold a different brand name altogether. It's completely safe to purchase a replica as they differ in technicalities and are hence not violating any intellectual property regulations. 

Are Givenchy dupe bags of bad quality? 

Although dupes or replicas are not high in cost, they are still made from premium quality leather, fabrics and attachments. 

Are dupe bags illegal?

Dupe bags are seemingly identical replicas of designer bags, but they differ through unnoticeable alterations made by the manufacturers and also have different brand names, thus avoiding any copyright infringement.

Where can I find the best replicas of Givenchy bags?

Givenchy dupes can be found online by searching for the style or collection you are looking for, along with adding the words ‘dupe’ or ‘replica’, and you can identify them by their price tags – which don’t go beyond hundreds of dollars. Online marketplaces have contributed largely towards increasing the popularity and sales of replicas like Givenchy handbag knockoffs. 

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