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10 Best Alibaba Smartwatch | Alibaba Smartwatch Review

by Jenny Xiao 14 Jul 2024
alibaba smartwatch suppliers

I’ve been busy trying to find suppliers for my clients. The most in-demand product these days? Smartwatches. 

The global smartwatch market has ramped up over the past few years and the global revenue for this year has increased by 20%. 

One of the biggest drivers of this segment is non-branded smartwatches. Non-branded smartwatches have a massive demand because they can be re-branded and sold on marketplaces across the world. The links below go to Aliexpress stores where single unit purchases can be made, which is not possible on Alibaba.

Seller Stats
Shenzhen Hongxintong 4.3 rating, 75.6% response rate, 3 Diamond Supplier
Shenzhen Jiyishihou 4.7 rating, 78.7% response rate, 93.8% on-time delivery
Dongguan Aoke Electronic Co 4.8 rating, 92.7% response rate, 98.2% on-delivery rate
Longvon Technology 4.5 rating, 92.2% response rate, 96.9% on-delivery rate
Guangzhou SKMEI 4.9 rating, 95.5% response rate, 96.4% on-delivery rate
Shenzhen QYT Electronic 4.7 rating, 91.2% response rate, 93.8% on-delivery rate
Shenzhen Lemons 4.8 rating, 86.2% response rate, 3 Diamond Supplier
SinceYouth Electronics 4.6 rating, 95.8% response rate
Shenzhen Belking Electronics Co 4.9 rating, 89.4% response rate, 96% on-delivery rate
Shenzhen Pengshengwang 4.9 rating, 93.5% response rate, 83% on-delivery rate

The margins on smartwatches are great and the market is still nascent and there is a LOT more potential. They have also become a product like a smartphone, with people changing smartwatches once every few years.

Alibaba is the best for wholesale clothing and smartwatches and in this guide I’ll show you the best smartwatch suppliers on Alibaba. 

Best Alibaba Smartwatch Suppliers

Shenzhen Hongxintong

alibaba smartwatch suppliers

The Shenzhen based Hongxintong company is a verified supplier from Alibaba that specializes in smartwatches and fitness bands. 

They have a 3-diamond rating, which means they are a superior supplier. 

In terms of smart watches, they focus on making Apple Watch replica style like the Watch 5 series and the Watch 6 series. 

They make a wide-range of smartwatches that start at $10 and go up to $50 and more. They make smartwatches with the old-school metallic finish and the new age TPU style watches too. 

The best part? They have a minimum order of 1 Piece. They also have watches similar to the Galaxy Watch Active. 

They have over 224 types of smartwatches with different dial types, different strap types and colours. 

One downside is, their response rate is slow and their on-time delivery percentage is low as well, which could be attributed to the current circumstances. So make sure to discuss the terms based on your timeline!

Shenzhen Jiyishihou

The Shenzhen Jiyishihou company is unlike the other suppliers mentioned here because they manufacture branded smartwatches of the big brands like Xiaomi and Huawei.

They specialize in making Xiaomi’s Mi Bands and Honor’s Bands as well. They have the latest Mi Band 5 in their portfolio.

Apart from the big brands, they also have non-branded smartwatches. They are the official and one of the exclusive distributors of Xiaomi’s products.

Apart from Xiaomi’s smartwatches, they also manufacture Amazfit smartwatches. They have a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces on average, which is pretty reasonable. 

They have a 93.8% on-time delivery which is pretty great. 

Dongguan Aoke Electronic Co 

The Aoke store from Dongguan has about 11 years of experience in Original Design Manufacturing and Original Equipment Manufacturing. 

They have smartwatches under every category that includes smartwatches for women, smartwatches for kids, calling smartwatches, smartwatches with GPS tracking and more.

They have a minimum order quantity of at least 5 pieces. In some cases, it’s 10 pieces. With a 92.7% response rate and 98.2% on-delivery rate. Their customer service is incredible and their delivery time is on-point as well.

Their popular products include the calling smartphone that has a sim enabled to make calls. Their health tracking smartwatches are pretty great too. 

Longvon Technology

Longvon Tech is a double diamond seller from Shenzhen on Alibaba. They focus on smart wearables and have an amazing response rate of 92.2%.

They sell quite a lot of fitness trackers that start from $1.99. Their Android smartwatches range from $20 and go all the way up to $100.

In terms of design and style, they have the most unique smartwatch designs that I’ve seen. Compared to the other suppliers, their designs are unbeatable.

They have a 96.9% delivery date which is one of the highest in the business. 

Guangzhou Skmei

If you’ve shopped around Aliexpress for smartwatches then you would have surely come across SKMEI. SKMEI watches are wide-ranging.

They have analog watches, digital watches and even smartwatches. The best thing about buying SKMEI watches for wholesale or retail is, they are already a slightly popular brand and these smartwatches just sell themselves.

Their minimum order quantity depends on the watch. But on average, it’s about 2 units per order.

They have more than 400 watch designs. They have a 95.5% response rating and 96.4% on-time delivery. 

Shenzhen QYT Electronic 

This seller is included in this list because they are an exclusive kids smart watch seller. These watches are GPS enabled and are focused on tracking a child. These types of watches are getting immensely popular. 

They have more than 200+ varieties of kids watches. The price ranges from $5 to $50. The minimum order quantity for these watches are about 2 units and in some cases, it’s about 10 units.

With more than 12 years of experience, they are one of the top smartwatch suppliers on Alibaba. They also have a 91.2% response rate and a 93.8% on-time delivery date. 

When it comes to kids smart watches, you can’t do better than Shenzhen QYT Electronic. 

Shenzhen Lemons

The uniquely named Shenzhen Lemons supplier has a rich 11 year experience in making GPS components and smart watches. 

With an ODM like this, you can give your own designs and manufacture your very own line-up of smart watches. They can customize the design, the logo and everything else. 

Their GPS trackers are top notch. One of their highlights is their premium smart watches that cost around $74. These are feature rich, works on the latest Android and are super powerful devices.

They have a minimum order quantity of 2 units. These have a response rate of 86.2%.

SinceYouth Electronics

New age suppliers on Alibaba have taken the platform by storm and SinceYouth is one of those suppliers that deals with electronics of all types. 

The QS19 smartwatch made by this supplier is an Amazfit look alike and at $15 is a great smartwatch that can be sold in massive quantities. 

They have Apple replica smart watches and also round dial smart watches. Their price ranges from $7.50 to $50. 

The minimum order quantity for these watches is about 10 units. 

Shenzhen Belking Electronic Co

In the past, I've been super wary of manufacturers or suppliers who sell mutliple products that are wide-ranging. But soon I realized, the best manufacturers have the ability to create high quality products, no matter which niche they are in.

If you see the Belking page on Alibaba, you'll see that they sell everything under the sun. One of the items which they produce well is smart watches.

The manufacture branded smartwatches, as well as the non-branded smartwatches too. They have an 89.4% response-rate and a 96% on-time delivery date.

Shenzhen Pengshengwang

The two-star diamond supplier from Shenzhen deals with watches of all types. They deal especially with analog & digital watches. But they also have an exclusive collection of smart watches.

They deal with super cheap smart watches that cost around $5. They have a minimum order quantity of two pieces, which is quite reasonable.

With a 93.5% response rate, they are good with customer care. But their 83% on-time delivery is a cause for concern.

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