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Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
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Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
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Jason007 DHgate Watches Review | Still worth it?

by Tim Blue 15 Sep 2022

If you’ve shopped for watches on Dhgate, then you must have certainly come across Jason007. Jason007 is one of the most popular Dhgate watch sellers online. They have a huge following and are popular in the replica watches industry for making some pretty amazing watches. 

Sometimes a seller is good at creating hype and they aren’t necessarily good sellers with good products. So today we review to find out if the Jason007 store on DHgate is legitimate or not. 

Today we reviewed the Jason007 Watch seller on DHgate

We’ll check out their top watches and the types of watches they have and how they compare to other watch sellers on DHgate. The best beater watches are available on the Jason007 store on Dhgate. 

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Click here to visit the store

Is Jason 007 Still Good?

Jason007 known for his rolex watches is still ruling the roost for reps watches and is one of the most recommended reps watch sellers on Reddit. Jason007 is known for his rolex watches.

Jason007 DHgate Watches

About Jason007 

  • Jason007 has a 98% positive rating and feedback
  • They have 40,000+ transactions on their store 
  • They have been around for 12 years on DHgate. 
  • They are a ‘Superior Brand’ and a ‘Top Merchant’ which means
    • They are known for their excellent service and high quality products
    • They have high annual sales volume 
    • They have a high positive rating 
  • The Jason007 store is popular for replica watches 

So how does it work? 

It’s not easy to buy replica watches on DHgate, especially when it’s a popular store. So here’s a simple process to get the replica of your choice 

  • Visit the store  and contact the seller 
  • Tell the seller the exact watch replica you are looking for 
  • The seller gets back to you telling you if it’s possible or not to get that particular replica
  • If it’s possible, then the seller quotes you a price 
  • Once you are settled on the price, then you need to purchase the ‘Watch Ear Needles’ to the amount mentioned 
  • Then you will receive your order 

Click here to visit the store

Most popular products are Rolex and Omega. 

Jason007 does make replicas of the following watches 

  • Tudor 
  • Patek Philippe 
  • Rolex 
  • Omega 
  • Breitling 

Tl;Dr version

Jason007 store on DHgate makes probably the best replicas out there for the PRICE you pay for it. There might be other replicas which look better and feel better, but they are also priced higher with some replicas costing around $200+. The average price of a Jason 007 replica watch is about $70 which is very affordable.  

Are Jason007 Dhgate replica watches legit? 

Rolex Submariner Jason007

rolex submariner jason007
Source : Reddit

The most popular replica on the Jason007 store is the Rolex Submariner. This is the exact replica. 

Rolex Submariner by Jason007 on DHgate

Here is my review


At the outset, the replica looks really legitimate. The metal and shine are perfect and it has the look of a Rolex. It doesn’t have that cheap look that you see with most replicas.

Having said that, it’s not perfect. The engraving on some of the time pieces can be a bit off. Even in this particular piece, you can see the six o'clock engraving to be a bit off.


The Quality is pretty good. The timekeeping is on point based on the tests conducted. The watch strap does have issues and it does fall off. 

A lot of replica watch buyers resort to buying other straps as replacement because the original is bad. 


The Price of a Rolex Submariner is around $50. This is super cheap and makes it one of the cheapest Rolex replicas online. 

Rolex submariner jason 007
Source : Reddit

Patek Philippe Jason007

Source : Reddit

Patek Phillipe by Jason007 on DHgate


The Patek Philippe from Jason007 has the exact design. The metal has a legitimate look and feel. Even the colours and the background pattern are similar to the original which is pretty awesome. 


 The watch itself is quite heavy and sturdy. The straps are much stronger than the Rolex versions and are one of Jason007’ best replicas. 


The price of the Patek Philippe costs around $70 which is one of the cheapest Patek Philippe watches you will find. 

Source : Reddit
Patek philippe jason 007 replicas on dhgate
Source : Reddit

Tudor Jason007

tudor dhgate
Source : Reddit

Tudor Black Bay watches aren’t as popular as the other watches mentioned, but Jason007 has a pretty decent Tudor collection. 


It’s got a beautiful dial and the bezels are nice, thick and imprinted really well. The insignia inside look really legitimate and have nice looking straps. 


The quality of the watch is pretty awesome with the timekeeping being on point and no lags. The imprinting on the metal makes it look really legitimate. 


It costs around $80 for a Tudor Jason007 replica. 

tudor jason007 dhgate
Source : Reddit

Breitling Jason007 

Jason007 has an amazing collection of Breitling watches. They are arguably the most popular replicas on Jason007. Here are a few of the popular pieces.

Check out all the Breitling Links here

Breitling Blueocean by Jason007 DHgate

Breitling Navitimer by Jason007 on DHgate

Breitling Transocan by Jason007 on DHgate

Breitling Blueocean

breitling blueocean jason007 dhgate
Source : Reddit

Breitling Transocean

breitling transocean jason007 dhgate
Source : Reddit

Breitling Navitimer 

breitling navitimer jason007 dhgate
Source : Reddit


Overall the design of the Breitling watches are on point. There is a minor concern with the Navitimer and that is the placement of the dials which are too close. The detailing on the Transocean and the colour on the Blueocean are pretty awesome! 


The quality of the Breitling replicas are pretty awesome, with the straps surprisingly being really good. The Chron0 works on the Navitimer and that tells you the detailing. 


The price range from $69 to $80 for all the Breitling watches

Patek Philippe Nautilus Jason007

patek philippe nautilus jason007 dhgate
Source : Reddit

The Patek Philippe Nautilus is the most classic looking and one of the popular Patek Philippe watches out there. 

So how does the Jason007 Nautilus fare?


The design is standard and looks exactly the same as the original classic. The metal looks sturdy and strong. The colours on the background of the watch are exactly the same as the original. Even the finishing and the detailing are on point. 


The strap quality is really good and the seconds and minute hands are synchronized and the time is on point. There are no concerns there. 


The price is around $70, which makes it one of the cheapest Nautilus replicas out there. 

Omega Yachtmaster Jason007

omega yachtmaster jason 007 dhgate
Source : Reddit

Omega replica by Jason 007 on Dhgate

Omega replica 2 by Jason 007 on Dhgate


The Omega Yachtmaster from the Jason 007 store is a beautiful looking watch which is the exact same as the replica. With beautiful dials and strong inscriptions and the design of the minute and second hands are the exact same as well. There are quite a few details on this watch and the seller has ensured that they all are there.


The quality of  this watch is top notch. Strong straps and good timekeeping that is tested by counting the second hand movement. It’s one of the underrated Jason 007 replicas because the most popular ones are the Rolex watches. 


For a price of around $80, you can get your hands on this replica 

Jason 007 Dhgate Reddit 

Most of my research is from Reddit and other sources and my personal experience of buying a few of these watches for my personal use. 

What is the best replica watch site?

There is not a specific site, but the seller Jason 007 is probably the best replica watch seller in terms of price, quality and design. He sells replica watches in the range of $50 and $100, whereas other sellers charge about $100 and more. 

What is the highest quality replica watch?

The highest quality replica from Jason 007 is the Rolex Submariner and Omega Yachtmaster. The second best quality is the Patek Philippe and Tudor. 

Are replica watches worth buying?

Replica watches are absolutely worth buying if you are looking to own a beater watch. A beater watch is something that you don’t care if it scratches or dents. When you buy a really expensive and original Rolex, you might take it out only on a few occasions. A beater replica watch on the other hand can be taken out on more occasions and has the same look as the original, but at a much cheaper price. 

Are DHGate watches any good?

DHgate watches are really good. There are a few sellers like Jason 007 who specialize in creating replica watches that are some of the best in the world. 

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