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Is Aliexpress Makeup Safe? 15 Best Chinese Makeup Brands Reviewed

by Tim Blue 14 Jul 2024

The first question on everybody’s mind is, “Is chinese makeup safe?” 

There have been a lot of complaints in the recent past because of Chinese makeup from Aliexpress. People have complained that they are getting rashes and allergies. 

The truth is, if you buy below par makeup that is too good to be true, you will end up with rashes and allergies. 

Today we cover the top makeup store sellers on Aliexpress. We cover the best makeup on Aliexpress and the best makeup brands on Aliexpress. You are sure to make your skin look fresh, radiant and glowing!

If you want quick links of the best Aliexpress makeup sellers, then check out the brands below.

  1. Focallure 
  2. Banxeer 
  3. Ucanbe

Top Chinese Makeup Brands

Source : Perfect Diary Instagram Page


Perfect Diary


Flower Knows


Into You

Color Key



Gogo Tales



Venus Marbles


Aliexpress Makeup Dupes - How do they work?

One thing about Chinese makeup dupe brands is, they don't make cheap quality products, but they make products that are similar to the big brands like Huda Beauty & so on. In terms of quality, they are highly tested and many of the US influencers have picked them up and tested it on themselves.

Personally I know how high quality these makeup dupes are because of a case I encountered in China when I had travelled there, where they had shut the makeup factory of a company that had not passed China's stringent compliances. They didn't open that factory back for over a year until they complied.

China has the NMPA - National Medical Products Administration under the Regulations Concerning the Hygiene Supervision over Cosmetics.

This specific rule mentioned below is FOR Importing Makeup Products into China. Imagine the rules for manufacturing.

Prepare the labels for your cosmetic products in accordance with the Regulations on Cosmetic Label Management (former AQSIQ Decree No. 100) and the National Standard: GB 5296.3-2008 General Labelling for Cosmetics.

Best Makeup on Aliexpress

best chinese makeup brands

Best Foundation on Aliexpress

best makeup foundation on aliexpress

One of the best Aliexpress makeup finds is this foundation. It’s rated 4.8 with 2800+ offers. It’s super cheap, effective, good for your skin and the best bang for the buck when it comes to foundation. 

Click here to check the best makeup foundation on Aliexpress

Best Lipstick on Aliexpress

best lipstick on aliexpress

When you are looking for Aliexpress makeup review, you will always see the O.TWO.O lipstick reviewed. Its the top lipstick on Aliexpress and it has 10,000+ reviews with a 4.8 rating. It’s super cheap and if you are looking for the perfect everyday makeup that won’t cost a bomb, then this should be your pick! 

Click here to check out the best lipstick on Aliexpress

Best Aliexpress Makeup Brushes 

best aliexpress makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are a dime a dozen on Aliexpress. There are so many that it’s hard to pick. But the best of the lot has been purchased over 20,000 times and is rated 4.8. It’s a 10pc makeup set that covers all the brushes you will ever need for makeup! 

Click here to check the best Aliexpress brushes

Best Makeup Dupes on Aliexpress

  1. Smokey Eyes Shadow
  2. Eyeshadow Glitter
  3. Aliexpress Eyeshadow Palette

#1 O.TWO.O Makeup Store Aliexpress 

O.two.O makeup aliexpress

One of the most popular makeup stores on Aliexpress is O.TWO.O. They are a top brand with 300,000+ followers. They sell face makeup, eye makeup, makeup set, makeup tools and more. They do have the latest makeup trends such as the Rose Gold Set, Platinum Set and so on.

If this store is popular for one thing, then it’s lipstick and lip gloss. Their range of lipstick and lip gloss is pretty wide and they have all the best colours and textures.

Click here to visit the store

#2 Anmor Makeup Store

anmore makeup store aliexpress

The Anmore store has some of the best makeup sets online. They specialize in brushes for hair, brushes for the face, brushes to apply foundation and so on. Anmore is one of the best Chinese makeup brands. 

They have over 650,000 followers with a 99% rating. They’ve been around for 9 years on Aliexpress and are one of the most trusted Chinese makeup stores. 

Apart from brush sets, they also deal with eyeliner kits. 

Click here to visit the store

#3 Z’Oreya

Zoreya is another super popular makeup brush brand on Aliexpress. It always makes the top list for the best makeup brushes on Aliexpress. Their most popular brush set is the 15 piece makeup brush kit. They have a 99% positive rating and over 170,000 followers. 

Click here to visit the store

#4 Focallure

The best Chinese makeup brand is Focallure. They are super popular worldwide. They have been around on Aliexpress for 8+ years and have more than 830,000+ followers. They are a top brand with a 98.1% rating. 

They are known for a wide range of products that includes lip gloss, matte lipsticks, eye shadow, makeup powder, foundation liquid, blush, eyebrow gel and more.

It's all in one makeup store that has everything under the sun. They are rated as one of the best makeup brands and all the products are of the highest quality. 

Click here to visit the store

#5 iFashion Beauty

Makeup and grooming isn’t just about mascara, brushes and more. iFashion beauty is a makeup and grooming store on Aliexpress that deals with grooming accessories. 

You can find nail tools, hair styling equipment (combs), shaving and hair removal products, tongue cleaners, skin scrubbers, eye packs and more. 

They have about 20,000+ followers and have a 97.2% positive feedback. 

Click here to visit the store

#6 Visofree

One of my favourite aspects of shopping on Aliexpress for make up is, you will find individual stores that sell only one item and they do it so well. The Visofree store is dedicated only to eye lashes and eye lashes of all types, shapes, sizes, colours and more. 

These false lashes come in different styles and they are super popular. The Visofree store has 33,000+ followers and is a top brand with a rating of 97.5%. 

Click here to visit the store

#7 Hittime Store

Hittime has some of the best skincare products on Aliexpress. They have products for the skin, eyes, lips and more. The Hittime Store has 28,000+ followers and they have been around on Aliexpress for 9+ years.

Their best selling makeup product is the liquid eyeliner pencil. They also have various type of brush sets and nail polishes. 

Click here to visit the store

#8 iBCCCNdc

Want the most luscious and glossiest look? Then the Ibcccndc store has what you need. They have an amazing collection of products for the lips, face, nails and more. Apart from selling nail extensions, they also have CBD hemp oil. Liquid pencil among others.

They have over 71,000 followers and a 95% rating. 

Click here to visit the store


Foeonco is a top brand on Aliexpress and it has a 97% positive rating with over 26,000+ followers. They have a few combos in their store that is super popular. From makeup bags to hair straighteners, this store has a lot of products. 

Click here to visit the store

#10 Beautiful Face Care Store

This Aliexpress makeup store has a little bit of everything. They are an accessory store that sells glitter powder, cotton pads for makeup, face cleansing brush, temporary face tattoos, eyebrow trimmers, under eye bags removers and more.

They’ve been around for 2 years and have a 93.4%  rating with 2200+ followers. 

Click here to visit the store

#11 Maange 

The Maange store is an Aliexpress makeup seller with over 297,000+ followers and a 94.9% rating. They are a top brand with 5+ years of experience. 

They are known for their makeup brush sets and foundation sponges. Their makeup brush sets are one of the most beautiful we’ve seen. 

Click here to visit the store

#12 KCE Nail Shop

The KCE Nail shop might not be a top brand, but they have 6000+ followers and have a 91.4% rating. Although it says Nail Shop on the title, this makeup seller sells eye shadow, lipsticks, nail polish, nail stickers, foundations to name a few.

Their best selling product is the eyebrow enhancer. 

Click here to visit the store

#13 Nagaraku 

Nagaraku is that dedicated eyelash store that covers all types of eyelashes. They also sell many types of tweezers. The eyelashes in the Nagaraku store are tested and are of the highest quality. 

Click here to visit the store

#14 Ucanbe

The Ucanbe store has makeup products for the eyes, lips, face and also overall makeup sets. They have 166,000+ followers. They are a Top brand with a 96.4% rating. Their most popular products are the Eye Shadow palette and their powder makeup palette. 

Click here to visit the store

#15 Iconsign 

Although the Iconsign store is a lot older than some of the other stores listed in this article. They have 17,000+ followers. Their best selling product is the eyelash perming set and cleaning foam. 

Click here to visit the store

Using Makeup from China - Is it Safe? 

I’m addressing this issue again here because China has had lax rules in the past that let anybody and everybody manufacture makeup and there weren’t any stringent agency that would monitor these companies. But, now, China has changed.

Their reputation is at stake and they are bringing down manufacturers and suppliers that flout the rules and norms. 

Is buying makeup in China, safe? Yes! Why?

  • Millions and millions of Chinese women use these makeup without any hassles or worry or allergies or any such issues.
  • China has doubled up on preventing bad manufacturers from getting their below par products out there in the market 
  • Aliexpress has clamped down on manufacturers / suppliers  that have poor ratings

It’s safe to buy makeup from China! 

Is Focallure China Legitimate? 

There have been a lot of questions around Focallure because, they are one of the biggest Chinese makeup brands that are hugely popular worldwide. They ascribe to the highest standards and their products are sold worldwide. Their makeup products are manufactured in Guangzhou, China. But they are absolutely legitimate. 

Aliexpress Makeup Dupes - What are they and is it good to buy them? 

There are so many makeup product companies out there and the biggest ones like Huda Beauty, MAC, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown and more. But the thing is, you are overpaying just because of the brand name. This is where makeup dupes come in, they are these alternative brands that sell the same products as the big brands at much lower prices! 

Is it safe to buy them? Yes, if you look at our list above, we have the best makeup dupes online!

Is Aliexpress Makeup safe?

Aliexpress Makeup products comrpises of Chinese makeup brands. They are safe, tested and absolutely legitimate. Most of the popular Chinese makeup brands on Aliexpress sell overseas and internationally on regulated markets like U.S.

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