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Are these Tik Tok Leggings worth it? And where to find them! [Tested with Pictures]

by Dwain 24 May 2022

We've all seen these Tiktok leggings and they are dope and you are wondering where you can get hold of them, well here's

We've seen these butt lifting tiktok leggings. There has been so much of talk around how they help cover cellulite, and make your butt look better. But a lot of people have complained about not able to exercise in them and it's kind of suffocating their butt and thigh area. Is there any merit to this?

I asked the women in my team to try these leggings out and give us a review and here are the results!

What we think about the Viral TikTok leggings

If you haven't heard of Booty Boost, then the TikTok leggings will interest you.

Booty Boost is basically a thigh high pantyhose that was launched in the US. The women in my team came across these products and tried it. Why? These were all the range in China. If you visit any Chinese retailer you would see these even before the Tik Tok trend. Don't believe me?

Search for Leggings on Aliexpress and look at the results, they are all butt enhancers. They do lift the butt and one of the most popular brands is Seasum. Seasum leggings are quite popular.

Do they work? Depends on the body type

Here are the body types we worked with (This is our team posting with the tiktok leggings)

We tested out the TikTok leggings on Flat Butts, Big Butts, Medium Sized Butts and Huge butts. Here were the results.

The objective was to get a butt-lifting experience from these leggings and it did happen. The placement of the lifter is what I call it, is perfectly positioned to lift the butt. It does give better definition for those with smaller butts.

When we tried it on people with big butts, it made their butts look HUGE because of the already big size and the elevation. Would you use a push up bra on a person with ample breasts? No. It's the same case here.

The Tik Tok leggings are definitely a lot more loose compare to LuluLemon and other brands and hence it doesn't fit too well. Some people complained that it was too stretchy and didn't hold things all too well.

While working out, you want your butt and thighs to be held well to avoid any sort of jiggle that can impede the work out.

Another experience from one of our writers about these leggings is, they do look crass, because they make your butt the center of attention. If you want to feel good about yourself, you can wear them at home. Otherwise you'll be stared and ogled at because of the way your butt looks.

Another big complaint was the wedgies because of the ruching. It's quite thick the ruching and because of that, your butt if lifted up. Padded bras are uncomfortable because they mash your breasts together and it's the same case here with the lifted ruching which makes it super uncomfortable for a lot of people.

Summary : Definitely lifts your butt, but not that comfortable for working out because of the loose fitting and might give certain people a wedgie.

Where to Buy the famous TikTok leggings?

So if you are wondering about what these TikTok leggings are, well here they are! They are a type of legging that many people on TikTok wear. The style is usually high waisted and they come in lots of different colors and designs. You can find them at many clothing stores, but some popular places to buy them are Forever 21, H&M, and ASOS. You can also find them on the TikTok store and Amazon.

You can check out these leggings on Amazon

How does the TikTok Leggings work?

It's the fact that your butt gets lifted while wearing these leggings.

These butt lifting leggings, do they work? Well they do, because they have padding like a Push Up bra.

 But if you've worn a push up bra, you know how uncomfortable it is.

So the tiktok leggings are like a push up bra for your butt. The padding pushes your butt up and makes it look bigger.

Do TikTok leggings make your butt look good?

Leggings by default are made to hold your body slightly tightly so that there's no jiggle. The tiktok Tiktok leggings are meant to leave more room for your undies, but still a tight bottom.

So does it make my butt look good? Well that all depends on what kind of shape you already have.  If they fit well then yes maybe even great! But if not then no so be careful, it also pushes up your butt to give it better definition. You will start to notice how the padding on your butt makes a difference immediately.

Can Can you exercise in TikTok leggings?

The tiktok leggings are great to wear under your sports clothing because they'll keep you warm without feeling bulky or uncomfortable. They won't weigh you down, however if your workout is intense then it won' be a good idea depending on the activity. But i advise practicing in them before wearing them for anything that involved high impact movement like jumping, running and jogging etc.. Otherwise just practice in different outfits rather than doing

Do Tiktok leggings cover cellulite

There's a bit of controversy over whether or not the tiktok leggings actually help to reduce cellulite. Some people swear by them, claiming that they see results right away. One of the reasons why cellulite is covered on TikTok leggings is because of the thick padding. The padding creates a layer between the leggings and the butt that covers the cellulite.

Who started the famous TikTok leggings trend?

The TikTok leggings craze started in 2017 when a YouTuber named, Grace Helbig, began wearing them frequently. It wasn't long before celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid followed suit. Due to their popularity and how versatile they are, we're guessing that you'll see these butt lifting tiktok leggings everywhere soon!

What brand of leggings are on TikTok?

Some of the popular brands of tiktok leggings include ASOS, H&M, Forever21 and Even Amazon. The brand most known as TikTok leggings is the Seasum legging brand.

The latest TikTok style leggings are the tiktok leggings. They look like normal pants but they have small pockets on the sides that help to lift your butt. Some people love them and some people think they're too uncomfortable. So it's up to you whether or not you think they're worth buying!

Are Tiktok leggings better than normal leggings?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question as everyone's body shape and style may be different. However, some people believe that Tiktok leggings are better than normal leggings because they offer more room and flexibility around the waist. They also tend to be thinner and less itchy than traditional leggings, making them a good choice for people who suffer from chronic itchiness or skin sensitivity.

Other users find that TikTok leggings don't really hold their shape well over time, so they're not ideal if you want something that will look stylish and stick with your figure throughout the day. Ultimately, it is important to try on a pair of tikTok legs before buying them in order to get an idea of how they'll fit together with your other clothing items.Are Tiktok leggings better than normal leggings?

Are there any drawbacks to wearing tiktok leggings?

Some of the differences between tiktok leggings, regular pants and active wear clothing are that there is less padding on normal leggings. More padding means, It also reduces sweat absorption by 25% (compared with normal workout gear such as yoga pants or athletic shorts)

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