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Do Shein Clothes Shrink When Washed?

by Tim Blue 14 Jun 2022

If you’re wondering whether Shein clothes shrink when washed then this article will answer all there is to know about this topic.

Shein clothes, specifically their items made from viscose, cotton, linen and wool, MAY shrink in size after being washed. This could lead to a disappointing and uncomfortable experience when trying to wear them, as they may not fit properly. 

If you're looking for something stylish and comfortable that will last the test of time, then you’d have to choose wisely, especially when buying something from a brand as affordable as Shein. 

I’ve tried out a bunch of clothes from Shein and have noticed that the main reason for them shrinking is due to an incorrect washing procedure.

Editor’s Perspective

As I said earlier, the only way you can shrink Shein clothes is by following the wrong wash care method. 

In March, I happened to pick up three Shein cotton tops for my wife. Two of them were L (black and pink), whereas the purple one, from the curve range, was a size XL. 

The L t-shirts fit perfectly well the first couple of times, but after a few washes, my wife noticed that the pink t-shirt in particular had shrunk and was in fact smaller than the black t-shirt by a couple of cms. 

Now, it’s good to note that the pink t-shirt was accidentally run in the washing machine and dryer along with some other clothes whereas the black was hand washed and air dried. 

Both L t-shirts are made from 100% cotton and washing them in the machine really did a number on the pink one. So, it’s advisable to follow the right wash care instructions when handling cotton fabric clothes bought from Shein.

That being said, there are many other things to consider when buying clothes from Shein. We’ll take you through how to choose the right material, what wash care procedure to follow and even answer some frequently asked questions about the quality of Shein clothes.

Let’s begin!

Do Shein Clothes Shrink When Washed?

The short answer is no, but some of Shein’s clothes may shrink if the correct wash care is not followed. 

Some users have expressed concerns about their purchases shrinking after being put in the washing machine for its first wash. This can be due to the fact that the material used to make that particular piece of clothing requires it to be washed by hand or dry-cleaned and not in the machine. 

A majority of Shein’s clothes like their blouses, tops, polyester dresses and other items made from synthetic materials will not shrink and can be put in the washing machine. 

So based on this, it all boils down to what you buy, the material used to make that product and the initial size you select. Just because the product is cheap and affordable does not mean that it’s not a good quality item. 

We tend to blame Shein for selling substandard products, when in reality it’s our own mistake that results in the clothes shrinking. Let’s get into what you can do when choosing what to buy and how you can wash Shein clothes the right way so they don’t shrink.

How to Choose Clothes That Won’t Shrink on Shein?

When buying clothes on Shein there are a number of things you’d have to consider. These tips will help you choose clothes that won’t shrink and the same thing can be applied on other clothing websites as well.

Choose the right material

why do shein clothes shrink

The first thing you should do is check what material is used to make the particular item you’re interested in buying. Polyester fabric and other synthetic fabrics will not shrink or lose their color, but they might lose breathability whereas cotton, viscose, wool and linen will shrink if not washed properly.

These days manufacturers including Shein are using a combination of materials when mass producing their clothes. This is because a certain proportion of a variety of materials will prevent the clothes from shrinking, such as 90% polyester, 10% cotton. 

On the other hand, because these items are made from a blend of two or more materials, they tend to come with wash care instructions that have to be followed diligently.

Follow the appropriate wash care procedure

shein wash care instructions

As mentioned above, most Shein clothes are a blend of two or more materials which makes washing them a task. These clothes come with wash care instructions that are generally found on their tags and labels and will even be present on the website.

Present day washing machines come with a combiwash feature that lets you put in a mix of cotton, polyester and synthetic garments that it will wash gently with cold water that’s below 30-degrees. 

This is the preferred method of washing most of Shein’s clothes, however if the wash care label specifies that the product is made from a fabric that can shrink then it’s ideal that you either hand wash it or use the lowest setting on your washing machine.

When drying your Shein clothes it’s good to note that tumble dryers tend to build heat when running and this sudden rise in temperature can ruin the shape and fit of the garment. So it’s best to air dry Shein clothes so you don’t damage them in the process.

Check if you bought the right size

shein sizing do clothes shrink

When buying from Shein it's important that you check the size and if you’ve picked the right size based on Shein’s sizing chart. Shein tends to manufacture their products by following the international sizing standard, so you will be able to pick the right fit as long as you know what your body size is.

If you do happen to get stuck between two different sizes, always go for the larger of the two as they will fit better than the smaller size. 

For those who are skeptical, refer to the reviews and comments section of that particular product and see what genuine buyers have said about the item. It’s here where you’ll find honest reviews about if the garment is true to size and if the material shrinks when washed.

How to Check the Clothes Composition on Shein?

The first step to follow before buying anything online is to find out what they are made of and this applies primarily to clothes that have been made in China. Brands like Shein have included key details about each and every item listed on their website. 

shein clothes how to wash

You will be able to view the color, style, pattern (if any), fit type, and material on their product pages by simply tapping on “Description”. 

To access these details, open any product on Shein and under the Shipping and Delivery information click on the tab labeled Description. Material is the last one on the list and you’d be able to tell whether the product is made from cotton, linen, wool or some synthetic material.

How to Check the Wash Care Instructions on Shein?

If you’re unaware about how to wash a particular item or would like to know the wash care instructions of the garment before placing your order, then you can check the Wash Care Instructions tab on the product page. 

shein clothes how to wash

Now, I've found that this tab appears primarily on products that are made from a blend of materials and require a specific wash regimen and won’t be found on every other item. 

But if you open the description of any product on Shein, you will be able to see the wash care instructions listed right beneath the composition. This will tell you whether the item should be hand washed, professional washed or machine washed.

Are Shein Clothes True to Size?

Not always, most of Shein’s clothes are true to size, but some may have to be bought a size bigger to fit appropriately. The thing about a few of Shein’s products is that they tend to run small and if you don't refer to their sizing chart then you may get something that’s either too big or too small for you.

Shein also has a section callied Fit Finder which will take in your body measurements and bring up all the clothes that are designed to fit your structure. This is a great way for you to pick out only clothes that will definitely fit you. 

shein fit finder

There’s als a brief section under Size and Fit that talks about the measurements of the model in the product image, so you can cross reference her physique to yours and see if it would look good on you.

To launch the Shein Fit Finder, open any product page and then tap on Check My Size that’s located right next to the Size Guide.


Do clothes from Shein shrink?

Yes and No. This answer depends on the type of clothing item you buy, the material used to make the product and whether it comes with any wash care instructions that have to be followed. If you do not follow the right wash procedure then your clothes will either shrink or lose shape and fade.

Is Shein okay to buy XXL from?

Yes, Shein has a section on their website that’s dedicated to large adults. These clothes are designed and made to fit adults that range from XL all the way to 5XL

What temperature do Shein clothes shrink at?

Shein clothes, just like any others will shrink at high temperatures. Clothing items made from cotton will shrink when washed in excess of 120-degrees fahrenheit or anything above 60-80 degrees fahrenheit.

What happens if you wash Shein clothes in cold water instead of warm?

Washing Shein products in cold water is a good idea because the colors and shape/size last longer as opposed to warm or hot water. Heat is known to break down dyes and shrink certain materials, so wash your clothes in cold or cool water if you want them to last longer. 

Do I tumble dry or air dry Shien clothes?

This depends on what the wash care instructions state about that particular piece of clothing and whether it’s safe to go through the tumble drying method. Since tumble drying builds heat it’s not recommended for clothes that are made from cotton, wool or linen. 

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